"Brilliant, just brilliant! Best film I ever seen in this genre. WOW! I think this one might be a classic."
"This is probably one of the best cult movies made in modern times. Seriously. It's great."
"It's the BEST 911 video out there. Excellent, artsy, even entertaining! Copious use of verifiable facts, instead of all that conjecture and wild speculation crap that you find in Loose Change."
"Great movie - two thumbs way up - *****/*****"
In nothing we trust
"'Who Killed John O'neil' makes loose change look like a disney production. Time people started to look at the bigger picture."
"One of the best 9/11 conspiracy films I have ever seen..."
"Holy crap what a video! HIGHLY RECCOMENDED, goes into everything from MENA to 9-11, Kennedy, you name it. Skeptics beware, this is probably the most comprehensive collection of 9-11 related information I have ever seen. Wow."
"This video linked EVERYTHING together, its so increditably insane. This movie is an A+."
"Brilliant! Very interesting and thought provoking. Also really well put together. Who needs Hollywood when two blokes can produce something of this standard ? I'm afraid I'm hooked now!"
the smoking beagle
"Who Killed John O'Neill is a shining example of citizen scale propaganda at its best: Informative, entertaining, highly effective."
"Perhaps the best job I've seen yet in tying all the knots and untangling the cords of 9-11 in a overwhelming but straightforward presentation. It's a sock knocker! Absolutely a must see!"
"WKJO is a must see... If names and words like KROLL, John O'Neill, ISI, MENA, Louis Freeh, Jerome Hauer, AIG, BCCI, etc.., don't sound familiar, then you clearly haven't done your 9-11 homework. Take a two hour detention and start studying!"
"It's funny how many debunkers avoid WKJO I thought surely with the all the things this movie covers they would be out in force.I guess when they see the depth of research that was done they don't want to debate it it's easier to cherry pick threads and posters to attack than it is to attempt to debunk this movie."
mike dangerously
"I've had an open challenge going for over two years now to debunk this movie and so far, not a peep."
"This video has a lot of connections in it that I have not heard of, and explained in great detail those that I already know. There is no debunking this, in my opinion."
"Great stuff, let the truth reign forth. Its no use to try and debunk this people, wake up, join the fight against tyranny."
"The information presented, is solid and displays the obvious truth. Such is some thing that can not be hidden or denied once known. No argument stand against the video, no one can debunk it because it is true. Truth stands on it's own, even the blind can see that much."
"All i have to say is wow! this guy pretty much delivers a blitzkrieg of information. a must see indeed."
"Fascinating film i urge everyone to watch it, come to your own conclusions."
"Great video and the fantastic production made this a joy to watch."
"Maybe there are no debunkers because they're all speechless. What can be said after that film?"
Nyrossius Maxim
"Wow this guy talks about A LOT of crazy conspiracy ties that require A LOT of research! Really amazing video, I like how he is debating himself throughout the film."
"I enjoyed the movie, it kept me on the edge of my seat. The way it was presented was much better than the other documentaries that present everything as a fact."
"'Who Killed John O'Neill?' is a very good video. Tons of information. I suggest if you're watching it and want to pick up a few things, have a pen and paper ready. Unless you've spent months upon months of researching every corporation and person involved in this, you're most likely going to hear a few names and places that you didn't know of. So be ready to start writing."
"The video is a fictional representation of what the powers that be has done to our nations in order to fight another war in the name of profits for almost every war that has been fought in modern times is always and agenda behind it."
"Everything a detective type of investigation into "means, motive and opportunity" should have contained if somebody was in any way interested in justice and catching the perpetrators. You know, what the FBI was designed to do (rather than a military response)."
"Wow, just wow. What a great presentation of the 'unified theory of conspiracy'; so many coincidental connections it is mind boggling."
"who killed john o'neill is by far the best and most convincing 9/11 documentary i have ever seen.. by far. blows loose change out of the water.."
The Phantom
"Very interesting. I recommend everyone to watch it fully. This will blow your mind for sure :O"
"Great stuff, informative and stylish. Makes me think of Darren Aranofskys Requiem for a dream! I been waiting for something like this."
"WKJO was a film that I was very impressed with on first viewing. I still find it to be a very well-crafted piece of art, and the film is certainly a font of many little-known facts."
"I’ve watched this film at least a half dozen times over the past several months; a definite must-see."
"This is an intriguing film..watch it and think and stop believing what little you see on TV..!"
"WARNING: Use the film with caution on beginners. It presents a non-stop barrage of information that---if you're not versed in the literature, so to speak---might seem impossible to believe (or overwhelming or debilitating) to the uninitiated. I'm all for getting people to take the red pill, but you don't want them to choke on it. Casual viewers might write off the entire work as delusional video art. And that's fine. Don't waste too much of your precious time trying to save horses in burning barns..."
"Hey Mr. President Barack Obama...Who Killed John O'Neill? The Whole World Is Watching."
"A "Must See" video for anyone who considers themselves a truth'er or conspiracy theorist. This guy takes all of the puzzle pieces and puts them together for you so that you can see the whole picture."
"The most emotionally and psychologically moving film I've encountered regarding the mysterious events and effects of 9/11."
"The video reveals all the names, all the facts leading up to 9/11. Remember the name KROLL...."
"WOW WOW WOW!! What a GREAT film!! DO WATCH!!!"
"This was a truly great film. It managed to be informative, fair, entertaining and creative all at once. It is a fresh presentation which grabs and holds your attention throughout. There is some interesting information which is not really covered in other 9/11 films as well."
"These guys deserve a medal of honor. THIS IS A MUST SEE MASTERPIECE"
Tripp Spring
"This is a 5 star for me. If you want the full scoop on the ruthlessness and collusion of present day white world terror domination--this is the film. It clearly shows the relationship between U.S. foregin policy/terrorism and genocide and domestic repression / police state."
RBG Street Scholar
"This an unusual and challenging film, befitting the nature of the 9/11 tragedies."
"This docu-movie takes a massive step forward in the search for the "truth". It looks at the facts through a man obsessed with them. In my opinion, this is the best and most comprehensive step forward in the search for the truth, regarding 9/11.."
"That movie came out like 5 years ago and is more powerful today then ever. Please name me any other film that connects the dots better... Carlyle, CFR, CIA, AIG, BCCI, SAIC, Kroll, ISI, FBI, NSA, OK City, '93 Bombing of WTC, USS Cole, Embassy Bombings, Poppy Fields, Taliban, Unocal"
"That is one very informative and clever movie. A excellent job by the actor Ryan Thurston playing all seven characters. Has Alex ever had him on as a guest?"
"If you do decide to watch it, be forewarned, you can't look away for a minute because it literally connects a whole bunch of dots. It is so frightening, and goes to the heart of evil...This film exposes the widespread darkness of American society..."
"I was blown away with the quantity and quality of information that was packed into it. I think it deserves a spot in a massive TRUTH Hall of Fame."