On July 3rd, 1979, the CIA gave birth to Islamic fundamentalism when President Carter signed a directive for United States intelligence to provide radical Islamic thinking and arms to Afghan fighters, before the Soviet Union invaded. This is documented in a 1998 interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski, Carter's National Security Advisor.

* * * * * * *

John O'Neill: Maverick counter-terrorism expert in the FBI. O'Neill tracked Osama bin Laden since 1995. He knew more about Osama than anyone in the world. He tracked him past the Embassy bombings in 1998 and the Cole bombing in 2000. He knew more about Osama and al Qaeda than anyone in the world.

Then O'Neill got in some trouble. His investigation into terrorism were blocked from up on high.

Blocked by whom?

In the summer of 2001, he resigned as Deputy Director of the FBI. At the same time, he was publicly opposed to the anti-terrorism policies of President George W. Bush. On September 10th, 2001, he started his new job, with a company called Kroll Associates, as head of security at the World Trade Center. A day later, he was dead, a victim of the September 11th terrorist attacks. He died at the World Trade Center.

The FBI's top counter-terrorism expert, who after chasing bin Laden for six years happened to take a job in the private sector,is murdered in an internationally-televised terrorist attack blamed on his arch nemesis? Killed by his arch nemesis. How ironic.

Coincidence? Fate? Or conspiracy?

Why did O'Neill start working at the Trade Center? Why were his investigations into al Qaeda stopped? Who arranged for him to get his new, ill-fated job?

We know the answers to these questions now, and none of them have to do with Osama bin Laden. The more you look at the whole, and not just the pieces, the more you understand what really happened.

John O'Neill is the key. Look into John O'Neill.

Kroll Associates, Brian Jenkins, Jerome Hauer. Look for John O'Neill. He is the key. Michael Cherkasky, ever looked into the LAPD? Why don't you go back to the FBI, Robert Mueller?

John O'Neill's investigations through the New York City offices of the FBI were run in concert with the CIA. The offices were in World Trade Center building number 7. World Trade Center building number 7. Floors 23 through 26 were the federal bunker offices of all the federal agencies in New York City, Set up by Jerome Hauer. Jerome Hauer was the guy who got John O'Neill his job at the World Trade Center.

Who killed John O'Neill, and why?

To understand what happened to John O'Neill you have to know what happened on 9/11.

The CIA created Islamic Fundamentalism in 1979. It was a way to draw the Soviet Union into a war with Afghanistan. It gave the Soviets their Vietnam War. It destroyed their economy and dispelled support of Communism.

During the war, the US, UK, and Pakistan all supported and groups of Arab fighters known as the 'Mujahedeen'. Two of these freedom-fighters were Ramzi Yousef, and Osama bin Laden. Books printed by the University of Nebraska and paid for by the U.S. Department of Education taught the Mujahedeen radical theories of Islam and treated them to math problems and literature exercises riddled with allusions to guns, bombs, tanks... just overall, general killing. They trained them to be violent, and then they wonder why they became terrorists.

After the Soviets withdrew, the Mujahedeen were left without political support in a war-torn, impoverished, and socially unstable nation-state. So they started a second resistance movement - this time aimed toward the United States. And the primary group formed at this time, in the late eighties was al Qaeda.

Al Qaeda was an intelligence operation from the start... straight up to now. From its inception, Al Qaeda was trained, funded, armed, and supported by the Pakistani intelligence agency, the ISI. The ISI, by its own disclosure, is an arm of the American CIA.

That's a very ominous association in light of what happened on 9-11. It's not the first time it came back to bite us in the ass. Iran-Contra? Sandinistas in Nicaragua? There are plenty of others that haven't been as widely reported. And Iran Contra's not a far cry from the CIA's involvement with Al Qaeda.

Iran-Contra channeled money to states already considered terrorist-nations, like Iran, Iraq, Libya, and Lebanon. And as the other half of the handshake, trillions of dollars in illegal narcotics have made their way into this country, from the Middle East, the Far East and Latin America. It shows a pattern of fraud and complicity by the U.S. Government to promote instability abroad, to further their domestic agenda. And it goes a long way to explain it's governance of the ISI and Al Qaeda.

It is frightening how tightly the ISI and al Qaeda fit together. Isn't it?

It's more frightening how often the mainstream media typically ignore it.

The media seemed too busy trying to scare us all into submission, by aiding the government in covering up the truth, and thereby giving credence to the bogus official story.

Where's the ISI in the official story? The official story of 9-11 implicates a man named Omar Shiekh Saeed as the paymaster for lead hijacker Mohammed Atta, and a man named Khalid Shaikh Muhammad as the operational mastermind behind the attacks. Both men are well-known ISI agents. Does the name Saeed sound familiar? Probably because he is one of the most infamous terrorists known to man. You may know him by another name, too, because he has about a half-dozen aliases. His big claim to fame is his conviction for the kidnapping and murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in February of 2002. Daniel Pearl was killed by an ISI agent, by the very man the government claims assisted in the 9-11 attacks.

Pearl was on his way to meet with Saeed when he disappeared. Saeed, using one of his aliases, knew that Pearl was investigating ISI ties to al Qaeda and 9-11. We were told Pearl was killed because he was Jewish, but it's far more likely he was killed by a high-ranking ISI-agent to make sure he didn't print in a major U.S. newspaper ISI's connection to al Qaeda, because that, in turn, would implicate the CIA.

Even though it's virtually impossible to believe the official story of 9-11, on the off-chance it is true, the CIA - and therefore this government - is guilty of negligence for continuing to function as a liaison between Pakistan and Al Qaeda. So no matter what happened - if it was them, if it was us, if it was anybody - the CIA is guilty anyway.

We only know three things about 9/11. Three planes crashed, three buildings collapsed, and damage was done to the Pentagon. Everything else is just wild conjecture and therefore doesn't matter, and that is exactly why further investigation is required - because it is our duty.

Why should we care what happened on 9/11? Why is it our duty to know what really happened?

September 11th was the most absurd day of all time. The masses were inundated with hordes of information, all of it pointing to this shadowy terrorist network and its maniacal super-villain, Osama bin Laden. Within hours, it seemed as if the government had solved the crime without even gathering any evidence. There are so many questions. So few answers.

What caused those buildings to collapse? The official version says the fires from the burning jet fuel caused the collapses of the Twin Towers. But can anybody prove that? Engineers and scientists have proven it with physics, but other engineers and scientists have proven with physics that that didn't happen. Engineers from MIT, from NJIT, from the American Society of Civil Engineers all say the building collapsed from the fire. Many other engineers and scientists all say the fire could not have caused the collapses. But this is physics. Math. It's not up for debate, unless you don't have all the information.

No one knows how hot the fires burned, how wide or fast the fires spread, how long the jet fuel burned. They have the design of the buildings, which, of course, have never been released to the public, and they can make a very well-educated guess, but that's not proof. So why is the official story being shopped around as the official truth? Because no one can prove it's wrong? So it's a universal negative? That's hardly a reason to go to war.

However, there is another way the buildings could have come down. It could have been a controlled demolition. It certainly looked liked controlled demolitions. And if you look at some angles of video of the Twin Towers fall, you can actually see squibs where explosive charges are going off. Now, those could just be latent explosions from the interior buckling of the buildings. The point is, it can't be proven with physics. One person can argue and prove, mathematically, that one thing happened, while another person can argue and prove the exact opposite. Without the basic tools needed for understanding what was happening inside each building, it is impossible to prove anything. And with absolutely no proof, this government's reaction to 9-11 has essentially been one huge, gigantic hate crime against Muslims.

There's one anomaly I've yet to mention here. Never, in the history of construction, has a single skyscraper ever collapsed due to fire. So 9/11 was a historic day for controlled demolitions experts. Now you don't even need the explosives. You can just crash a plane right into the building, and let the collapse take care of itself. Which brings me to building 7.

For reasons that have never adequately been explained, World Trade Center Building number 7 collapsed at 5 p.m. that afternoon. Building 7 was not hit by a plane, but there were fires raging on Floors 8, 11, 12, 13, and 18. Those floors, in order: the American Express Bank, the Securities and Exchange Commission, Standard Chartered Bank and City Group. Those are four financial institutions. Is that a coincidence?

That Building also had the offices of the Secret Service, the IRS, and the clandestine home to the New York branch of the CIA. I mean, imagine... imagine what kind of incriminating evidence went down in those buildings. That branch of the CIA was the headquarters for the joint FBI-CIA investigation into Al Qaeda. Standard Chartered Bank was used by Omar Shiekh Saeed to wire 100,000 dollars to hijacker Mohammed Atta. Those offices of the SEC were ground zero for preemptive investigation into pre-9-11 insider trading. According to officials from the SEC, most of those cases were either scrapped or postponed for a great length of time.

So what about the investigation into Al Qaeda? That was being headed by FBI Agent John O'Neill, which brings us back to the original question: Who killed John O'Neill, and why?

We have the power to change things. The only group capable of stopping the United States government... is the people of the United States.

There are several reasons 9-11 was allowed to happen. It is the oldest trick in the book. You hit your own headquarters, blame it on someone else, and then start a war with the people you've framed. Problem... reaction... solution.

Problem: Radical Islamic groups have attacked the United States and claim they want to destroy all Western civilization. Reaction: War must be waged against those you have framed and security must be expanded at home. Solution: No more terrorist attacks.

This wasn't the first time it happened. February 27th, 1933. 28 days following Hitler's appointment as Chancellor, the German Parliament building, the Reichstag, mysteriously burns to the ground. A Dutch Communist named Marinus van der Lubbe is found at the scene, convicted, and executed. Because of this, the Nazi party, trumpeting for war with the Soviets, gains significant power in the next national election. At the same time, Hitler scales back civil liberties at home in response to a national emergency. As of March 24th, 1933, due to the Law for Terminating the Suffering of People and Nation, Hitler has consolidated total power in Germany. It took just one month for the Nazis to gain total control over Germany. And it sounds frighteningly similar to what happened here on 9/11, 68 years later.

For all intents and purposes, terrorism in this country officially began with the Pan Am 103 crash in 1988. All during this time, there have been a minor terrorist acts- small bombings, kidnappings... but not the big stuff. So today, we're only going to discuss when the mother-lode arrived on our soil.

On February 26 1993, a bomb went off in the World Trade Center. Six people were killed and thousands were injured. The idea was to knock the North Tower into the South Tower, so both would fall onto Wall Street. But, that date is important. Do you know what that date signifies? It's the second anniversary of the end of the Gulf War. And who was blamed for that attack? Muslim extremists. Ramzi Yousef. Muslim extremist.

Former Mujahedeen fighter, Ramzi Yousef entered the country on Iraqi passport. He was sentenced to death by Manhattan federal court on September 11th, 1996. Are we beginning to see a pattern here? These Arabs sure have an affinity for anniversaries.

What is their obsession with the World Trade Center? You'll remember we were all told that the World Trade Center was a target for terrorism, because of one reason: it was the home base of the U.S. economy. But we were told at the same time that the terrorists targeted us because of our values - our freedoms. So why bomb the World Trade Center when structures like the Statue of Liberty or the Washington Monument are far brighter beacons of freedom?

I warrant that the first World Trade Center attack was a staged event, a psy-op. It's sole purpose being to shine a light on the World Trade Center Towers - to convince people that they were future targets of terrorism. After '93, a series of terrorist attacks plagued the US. As we move through this, you will begin to understand how specific agendas within specific parts of government, media, and industry have created a propaganda campaign to wage war, with 9-11 as the prime selling point.

There was the OKC bombing in '95, the Embassy Bombings in Africa in 1998, the USS Cole bombing in 2000 in Yemen and then, of course, there was 9/11.

There's an anomaly in there. All of the attacks just mentioned were blamed on al Qaeda, except for OKC. However, there is a connection. Timothy McVeigh's lawyer claims that he and Terry Nichols were not the only two people who planned the OKC bombing. He contends that Nichols made several trips to the Philippines in the years before the bombings and met with Ramzi Yousef. McVeigh served in the Gulf War, and Yousef entered the country with an Iraqi passport. McVeigh and Nichols both visited al Qaeda training camps in the Philippines after the Gulf War.In McVeigh's trial, significant came evidence out, that either al Qaeda, Iraqi intelligence, or both assisted in the OKC bombing. And, more importantly, hundreds of thousands of documents were withheld by the FBI from McVeigh's attorneys. The Director of the FBI at that time was Louis Freeh. No one knows what these documents contained, but they very well could have had evidence that McVeigh, Nichols, and other conspirators planned the OKC bombing.

You have to realize that the planning for 9-11 was years in advance, maybe even decades. All of the terrorist activity leading up to it are just little side-notes, little warnings of what was to come. So OKC is part of a larger plan. All part of the same psy-op.

A psy-op is a clandestine intelligence operation. They are used to shift people's perceptions to a pre-defined agenda. Psy-ops are used in conjunction with more overt actions, called military ops. Psy-ops are conducted by taking an already established belief, and then creating something false around that to take advantage of it. So you can see how easily a psy-op could have been created around 9/11. You begin by teaching Muslims a new version of Islam, full of violence and extremist beliefs. This sets up one part of the psy-op: the patsies. Then, over the years, you slowly mold the patsies into a fully-functioning military operation. Guns, bombs, tanks... the works. The patsies hate you; but they have no idea you are the one supporting them, because you use an intermediary - someone they believe is on their side, like the ISI. At the same time, while you have your thumb on the patsies, you filter out information to the public that the patsies are the ones planning the attacks, so when the attacks happen, it is so easy to convince the public the patsies are at fault. But on the flip-side, the patsies are doing nothing but talking tough and committing smaller, less devastating attacks, while you yourself conduct the military op, and carry out the more destructive major strikes. So with carefully executed planning and initiatives in place to keep it all secret, you have all the makings for a military-intelligence psy-op on 9-11.

And OKC fits in how? Ever since this country's inception, a much larger, deeper, darker threat has existed against the powers that be: Dissent. Oklahoma City shone a light on militia groups and cults that were bent on dismantling the US government, typically through military action. It convinced the public that anyone who wanted to take down the US government was as crazy as Timothy McVeigh, or Kaczynski. The media rarely offers a favorable view of dissent. Only the people who want to destroy the world are ever covered. So just like the WTO convention, the protests in Seattle in '99, OKC discredited any movement questioning the federal government. Anyone questioning the real motives behind 9-11 would automatically be grouped in with people like McVeigh and Nichols, just by association and without even saying a word. OKC was blamed on domestic terrorists as a means of stomping down dissent in this country. All in preparation for 9-11.

So who is running the psy-op?

Have you ever heard of 'Kroll Associates'? I guarantee you have seen Kroll on television. They are champions of counter-terrorism. Maybe they didn't run the psy-op, but they sure as hell did cover it up. Kroll is bigger than you could possibly imagine. Kroll Associates is a global security and intelligence company. Publicly traded and privately managed, Kroll specializes in large building security and industrial espionage. In 1993, Kroll got a contract to manage security at the World Trade Center. They held that position up until the moment the Towers fell. The current CEO of Kroll is Michael Cherkasky. Cherkasky is a former assistant district attorney under Robert Morgenthau in Manhattan. Former employees of Kroll include people like, William Bratton, former police Commissioner in Boston and New York City, and now Chief of the LAPD. And then of course, Brian Jenkins. Based out of Los Angeles, Jenkins is the country's foremost "expert" on aviation terrorism. Now working for the powerful think-tank the RAND Jenkins is a noted counter-terrorism pundit and appears on many talk shows and news magazines.

And lest we forget, Jerome Hauer. Jerome Hauer, the go-to-guy for bio-terrorism. In an investigation into 9-11, Hauer's name comes up more than anybody else's. As a Managing Director of Kroll in New York City, Hauer was responsible for doing security at the World Trade Center. John Hauer is also the guy who got John O'Neill his job, as head of security at the World Trade Center. Just prior to this, Jerome Hauer was Rudi Giuliani's right-hand-man in New York, where he headed up the Office of Emergency Management, OEM - FEMA in New York City. And it was by Jerome Hauer's suggestion, that Mayor Giuliani constructed what became known as the 'federal bunker offices' in World Trade Center building number 7.Fire-proof, bomb-proof, bullet-proof... these OEM offices were basically Giuliani's headquarters in New York City, until WTC7 collapsed on 9-11. Besides just these jobs, Hauer has been the number one bio-terrorism expert in the whole world. He is a well-known advisor to the 'Council on Foreign Relations', formerly worked for the 'National Institutes of Health', and is currently the head of the 'Office of Public Health Preparedness'. And on the morning of 9-11, just as the attacks were happening, Hauer instructed the entire White House staff to go on Cipro, the anti-Anthrax drug. Now, how did he know Anthrax was going to become an issue? Well, as fate would have it, Hauer worked in 1999 with Stephen Hatfill, the prime suspect in the Anthrax attacks, at the Scientific Applications International Corporation, the SAIC. This company, the SAIC, was awarded a huge bio-defense contract after 9-11. Hatfill, a well-known friend of Jerome Hauer, was working for the military grade Anthrax program at USAMRIID at Fort Detrick, Maryland, and Battelle, a chemicals company with long-standing ties to the CIA. Hauer was well-aware of the USAMRIID project in Maryland.

A Managing Director at Kroll has said, "Kroll is like a private CIA."

And there are other companies like Kroll as well. T&M Protection, run by Robert Tucker. Tucker met with O'Neill and Hauer the night before 9-11. Strang-Hayes Consulting. There's Wackenhut Corporation. Then there's CTC International. The Cohen Group. And then there's Stratesec - formerly called SecuraCom. Stratesec also had a contract to do security at the World Trade Center. SecuraCom also had security contracts for Dulles International Airport and United Airlines. And remember, United had two planes crash on 9-11, and one of those planes came from Dulles. Now an interesting note about SecuraCom is that from 1993 to 2000, one of its principle shareholders was a man by the name of, Marvin Bush, the president's younger brother.

Now, Kroll has been involved in a host of shady operations. In 1991, the Kuwaiti government hired Kroll to investigate Saddam Hussein's finances. In 2002, Kroll was given the massive responsibility of reorganizing Enron. Through '97 and '98, Kroll oversaw the elections of the Teamsters Union. And just following 9-11, Kroll was tapped by the LAPD to monitor all counter-terrorism efforts in Los Angeles. Kroll is tied to the FBI, as well. The director of the FBI during WACO and the first World Trade Center bombing was a man by the name of William Sessions. When he left the bureau, he became a shareholder of Kroll. The next FBI Director was Louis Freeh, and Louis Freeh's top advisor at the Bureau was a guy named James Bucknam. Guess where he works now? He's a Managing Director of Kroll.

Freeh is now Senior Vice President at the MBNA credit card corporation. His specific duties include personnel... and security. Next to Enron, MBNA was the largest campaign contributor to George W. Bush in 2000. One of Freeh's Deputy Directors was James K. Kallstrom. At the time of 9-11, Kallstrom was head of New York State's Office of Public Security. He also works at MBNA with Louis Freeh. And both Freeh and Kallstrom are well-known friends of Jerome Hauer. It has been rumored that MBNA was one of the companies heavily involved in pre-9-11 insider trading. Which would have been investigated by the SEC in New York City. But all of those records went down in World Trade Center 7.

So how all, all these guys - Cherkasky, Jenkins, Bratton, Hauer - just how the hell did they become terrorism pundits? They trot themselves out on TV all the time talking about "al Qaeda this" and "terrorist threat that" and "from our research"... kust where do they get all their information? They aren't official law enforcement or intelligence. Yet, somehow, they became the foremost experts on counter-terrorism? A lot of them are former law enforcement, but terrorism is one of the most closely guarded fields in all of intelligence. Why would you leak information to a couple of buddies and allow them to trumpet it out on national television? To build up the propaganda, obviously. To frame up al Qaeda before and after the fact. We've got to understand that a company like Kroll, even though it won't disclose its intelligence ties, is intimately linked to the CIA. These people have so much information about terrorism because they are either deeply rooted to intelligence, or they are intelligence, privatized in order to make their work legal and untouchable by Congress.

It's no coincidence that Kroll did security at those buildings. It's no secret that Kroll employees have more inside knowledge about terrorism than even the FBI and CIA do. They are inexplicably in a position to get inside informations - even from people like John O'Neill - and then they come out and warn the country or tell everybody how the whole terrorist outfit works. They are well-placed operatives working a specific agenda, to frame the patsies.

What do they say? To frame someone you have to know the real details of the crime? These people profit from insider knowledge of coming terrorist attacks. They don't disclose their credentials or their contacts. They merely claim they are "experts" from "Kroll" and that's supposed to mean they are trustworthy.

Cherkasky is the current CEO of Kroll. Cherkasky takes us back to New York and the US Attorney's office in the Southern District of Manhattan. Louis Freeh spent his entire career in law enforcement in New York City before becoming FBI Director. From 1981 to 1991, Freeh worked as a U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York City, and Rudi Giuliani worked in that same office from 1983 to 1993, just before he became mayor. Cherkasky was in New York at the same time. Cherkasky was doing a lot of prosecutions too... including Gotti and BCCI, under the oversight of Robert Mueller III. Mueller also oversaw the Noriega case. Noriega, Gotti and the BCCI have one other thing in common: they were all key players in the global drug trade.

Drugs are at the core of this story. The global drug trade is covered with even less honesty in the mainstream press than 9/11 is.

The war between the Soviets and the Afghans ended in 1979. Meanwhile, the drug trade from Latin America was heating up, with significant assistance from the CIA. It started big time with the formation of the Medellin drug cartel in Colombia in 1978. Founded by Carlos Lehder, the Ochoa bothers and Pablo Escobar, the Medellin cartel operated by manufacturing the Coca plant into cocaine and distributing it into the US. The collaboration began when Lehder purchased an island in the Bahamas where corporate tax and banking laws are extremely lenient. He used that land to launder the money taken in by the drug sales. The Bahamas are home to thousands of tax-exempt corporations, including companies owned and managed by American International Group, AIG, the largest insurance company in the world and the sixth largest corporation in the world. One of AIG's companies in the Bahamas is named after a woman called Coral Talavera. And who is she? She's Carlos Lehder's wife. She is the head of an AIG branch in San Francisco.

Carlos Lehder was extradited from Columbia to the United States for trial in 1987. A year later he was convicted and sentenced to life plus 135 years for drug trafficking and murder. While he was in prison Carlos Lehder struck a deal with the United States. Take down the cartel and he would be granted freedom. Along the way, he implicated and then testified against Manuel Noriega, Panamanian dictator and middleman for the Medellin cartel. Noriega was captured through an invasion of Panama in 1989 under the first President Bush. He was convicted of drug running, money laundering and racketeering in 1992. And Lehder? According to the official US record, whereabouts unknown.

See, there's one thing that ties all these points together - the cartel, AIG, de CIA, the Contras, Noriega - one thing connects them all. The BCCI. The Bank of Credit and Commerce International, or for our discussion today, the granddaddy of all money laundering scams. The BCCI was and remains the largest instance of fraud and bankruptcy in global history. Operated out of Abu Dhabi, the BCCI operated without fail throughout the 70's and 80's as a money laundering and investment finance bank. This is documented by the investigation of Morgenthau and Cherkasky in New York, also by the investigation in the United States Senate which was headed by Senator John Kerry. Financial ties can be made between the BCCI and Manuel Noriega through his facilitation of the drug trade. By 1992 the BCCI was broke and busted up by U.S. authorities.

However, one point about this rarely mentioned case is that a principal shareholder of the BCCI is a guy named Khalid bin Mahfouz. Bin Mahfouz is a Saudi financier and investment banker, whose other claim to fame is his dubious investment in a company called Harken, one of George W. Bush's oil ventures, in the late 80's. The man with a 20% stake in the largest money laundering operation the world has ever seen saved our president's business career. Khalid bin Mahfouz has also been implicated as one of several very prominent Saudis who has funneled money to Osama Bin Laden. That would make President Bush someone who has done business with a known terrorist, bin Mahfouz.

Regardless, the drug trade is going to escalate in the 1980's. And why wouldn't it? Reagan is your president and Bush is your V.P. The greatest drug smuggler in the history of drug smuggling is a guy named Barry Seal. He was an admitted CIA agent, who contracted at least as far back as the early 60's. In the early 60's, Barry Seal is living in New Orleans, where he joins the Civil Air Patrol Unit, whose captain is an eccentric fellow by the name of David Ferrie. Ferrie was by all indications a conspirator in the JFK assassination. Another member of the Civil Air Patrol Unit was Lee Harvey Oswald. So seemingly the drug trade is somehow tied to the JFK assassination.

But the connections don't stop there. Barry Seal was a pilot, a great pilot by all accounts. In late 1963 Seal is seen is a photo with Frank Sturgis and Felix Rodriguez. Sturgis identified and convicted as one of the five Watergate burglars. He testified in court that his handler on that assignment was E. Howard Hunt. Hunt went on to work in the Nixon White House. The Rockefeller Commission, who investigated illegal acts by the CIA in 70's, regarded both Hunt and Frank Sturgis as possible conspirators in the JFK assassination. What is Barry Seal doing in a photograph with a possible JFK assassin? But it's the other man in the Seal photograph who has a more ominous distinction.

Felix Rodriguez was a Cuban refugee. In the late 50's he began working with the CIA to recruit more refugees for an invasion of Cuba. This was done under the direction of CIA agent Ted Shackley. Incidentally, Ted Shackley also worked the Far East drug trade with Richard Secord in the early 50's. Felix Rodriguez also figures into the assassination of Bolivian president Che Guevara in 1967. So where is Barry Seal in all of this? He's in New Orleans until at least 1968, when he takes over for the late David Ferrie as captain of the Civil Air Patrol. Now in the early 70's, Barry Seal's running cocaine through New Orleans. He's running it on planes later identified to be former Air America planes. Planes used by the CIA in the 50's and 60's to ship heroin from the Far East. When the Medellin cartel is founded, Seal immediately hooks up with their operation. By 1981, he is trafficking in more drugs than anyone in the history of this country. And it is around this time that Barry Seal moves his operation from New Orleans to Mena, Arkansas, about 180 miles from Little Rock, a small, little out-of-the-way mountain town. A small, little out-of-the-way mountain town that just happens to have a major U.S. airport, the Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport. From at least 1981 to 1986 this airport is ground zero for all illegal narcotics activity in the United States. You seen, Barry Seal began flying his drugs into this airport, most likely with the knowledge of then-president Reagan and the next two presidents, Bush and Clinton. He only gets away with it for a little while. It is suspected that Seal traffics in nearly 5 billion dollars worth of cocaine in this five year period. The U.S. Attorney for Arkansas at this time, Asa Hutchinson, never opens an investigation, even though FBI informants, Mena employees, and the Arkansas State Police have all told him that this illegal drug trafficking has been occurring. Ironically, Hutchinson went on to head the DEA and is now the Undersecretary for Border Transportation and Security in the Department of Homeland Security.

So Seal is virtually untouchable for this period. Even though the FBI and the DEA have opened up investigations into his operation, he remains a contract agent with the CIA. But with overwhelming evidence of drug trafficking mounting against him, he finally turns State's 1985. He testifies in several trials against Medellin traffickers. And this compromises the entire CIA operation. Barry Seal isn't only running drugs for the cartel, he's also involved in the drugs for arms trade in Nicaragua. The DEA even places him in a sting to photograph Contras loading cocaine onto an airplane in Nicaragua. And this pisses the CIA off, but good. Seals next mission is to trick Pablo Escobar and the Ochoa brothers into coming to a neutral third-party country where they'll be extradited. He's about to take down the entire Medellin cartel. But then news of Seal's cooperation with the DEA became leaked to the national media. He has to be called back in mid-air from his task to meet with the Ochoa brothers and Pablo Escobar. And who's responsible for this press leak? Admittedly, it is none other than Oliver North, the primary figure in the Iran-Contra scandal. Barry Seal is later gunned down in Baton Rouge, assassinated by the Medellin cartel. It is rumored that on his dead body is the personal private phone number of George H. W. Bush.

The Mena operation is already in jeopardy, but it becomes a major problem when one of Seal's former planes is shot down by Sandinistas later in 1986. The only survivor of the crash is a man named Eugene Hasenfus, and he claims he is running cocaine for the CIA. The plane can be tracked back to Mena. So for the time being, the Mena operation is close to being exposed. No president has ever spoken directly about the events in Mena, Arkansas. However, Governor Clinton, just when he was rising from obscurity to become president, made his only public comments about the massive drug operation being conducted right in his own backyard. In 1991 Clinton referred to the Arkansas State Police investigation into Mena, and the drug trafficking thereof, as having "linkages to the federal government" and "all kinds of questions as to whether he," meaning Seal, "had any links to the CIA, and if that backed into the Iran-Contra deal."

The War on Drugs is just a war against the inner cities. The wealthy line their pockets with all the illegal drug money, drugs that they bring into the country themselves, then they peddle them off to the poor people in the ghettos. In the 1980's the number of Americans in prison doubled, from 500,000 to one million. Most of these convicts are drug offenders. And from '85 to '88 alone, prosecutions for white drug offenders dropped 15% while they rose 88% for blacks, even though it is estimated at this time that 80% of all drug users are white. And ironically, one of the security companies linked to the CIA, Wackenhut Cooperation, owns and maintains its own private prisons here in the U.S. It is another form of government-sponsored terrorism. Poverty, violence, death... these all stem from drug abuse. Think about Prohibition. The government lifted the ban on alcohol because the social ills of alcohol abuse weren't nearly as bad as the violence that went along with the criminal importation of alcohol. So why not legalize all drugs? Surely there would be more drug addiction, more drug-related death,but there would be far less violence associated with the illegal sale of narcotics. Which is the lesser of two evils?

The CIA has destroyed the inner cities of this country. Destroyed millions of lives, at a profit. I'll give you one guess as the primary bank used in laundering the money from the global drug trade. The BCCI.

And then there's AIG. AIG mans its own fleet of aircraft. AIG owns and maintains over 400 airplanes. Any number of these planes can be used for the transfer of narcotics. And in 1987, the Arkansas Development Financial Agency collaborated with AIG to found Coral Reinsurance. Named after Carlos Lehder's wife the same year Lehder was extradited. The formation of this company has never been filed with the SEC. There's no known paperwork on it at all. And Arkansas was where Seal was flying in his drugs, with Bill Clinton as governor of Arkansas, during the heyday of the BCCI, with Noriega still in power in Panama and with John Gotti heading the New York mafia where more drugs end up than anywhere in the world.

AIG's founder is a well-known CIA operative, C.V. Starr, and one of AIG's current directors is the son of CIA founder Frank Wisner. Now the chairman and CEO of AIG is a man named Maurice "Hank" Greenberg. He's formerly the head of the New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve. Not only that, in 1995 his name was floated by of all people, J. Rockefeller to be head of the CIA. Instead, Bill Clinton appointed John Deutsch, who had been a director of the SAIC, the technology and bio-defense company that had formerly been advised by Jerome Hauer and Stephen Hatfill. But don't lose sight of Greenberg. Maurice Greenberg has also chaired the Council on Foreign Relations, the CFR, one of the most powerful organizations in the world.

Founded in 1921 by President Wilson's chief counsel, Colonel Edward House, the CFR operates as the primary advisor to the United States government. The CFR's principal contact in the U.S. is the CIA. And the chairman of the CFR is the CEO of AIG. With its obvious intelligence links, just imagine how scary it is to even think about a company like AIG. Insurance companies are the foremost private intelligence gathering agencies in the world. Insurance agents, they can find out anything about anybody. Who knows more about you than your insurance company? Your medical records, your bank records, your driving records, your personal history. Your life story. Just think if that company was sharing information with the government. Worse, just think if that company had 100 billion dollars in assets, and could invest that money at will. In 1993 AIG became the principal shareholder of Kroll Associates.

The CIA runs the global drug trade. For what purpose? And what does it have to do with 9/11? 70% of the world's opium is produced in Afghanistan. Think about that for a second. The CIA has run heroin and cocaine for 50 years. They had a military presence in Afghanistan in the 80's, and they created the Mujahedeen. After the fall of the CIA in the 70's, and with the near-disastrous Iran-Contra and Mena exposures the intelligence community, it had to realize that its facilitation of the drug trade, if revealed to the public, could prove fatal to any and all future endeavors. So if you're the CIA you might get a little smarter about it. With Mena, the CIA had no cover story. No backup plan. Instead the entire operation was nearly outed and the whole global drug trade almost became public knowledge. You have to move the Mena operation. Well where do you move it to? Someplace even more out of the way than Mena. And what's more out of the way than flight school?

Where did Mohammed Atta get his flight training? Huffman Aviation School in Venice, Florida. There are over 200 flight schools in Florida. Why did the hijackers just happen to choose Huffman? Huffman Flight school is authorized by the INS to offer these very popular vocational student visas to foreigners. These allow people to enter the country legally and without much paperwork. Mohammed Atta had one of these visas. Guess who gave it to him? Rudy Deckers, CEO of Huffman Aviation. And there is overwhelming evidence that Rudy Deckers works for the CIA. Why would a CIA agent run a flight school? On July 5th, 2000, the DEA discovered over 30 pounds of heroin on a plane owned by Wally Hilliard, the owner of Huffman Aviation. The same Huffman Aviation which in the 1990's induced hundreds of Arab students to come and train at their school by issuing these highly coveted visas. Is it starting to make sense now?

30 pounds of heroin, Arab men posing as students, a CIA agent as CEO. The Mena operation didn't stop, it just changed locations, to this flight school and probably dozens of others. And Mohammed Atta's role in all of this? He is not training to be a pilot, he is a pilot. He is the new Barry Seal. There is evidence that Mohammed Atta had flight training at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama. And if he already has flight training, why is he attending a flight training school? Who says Al Qaeda is a terrorist operation? Al Qaeda was formed in the wake of the fall of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. The phrase translates literally to mean "the Base." They're essentially an arm of the former Mujahedeen, which was created by the CIA. The CIA runs drugs globally. The CIA trains its own armies and pilots. and instills a military presence in every country, all around their crop. The Sandinistas, the Colombian death squads... and now, Al Qaeda. If you're pushing 70% of the world's heroin out of one country, and something goes wrong and the operation becomes public, you need a backup plan. Al Qaeda isn't involved in terrorism. They're just framed up as terrorists to hide their true nature. They're a drug cartel, plain and simple. On that video they show, of Osama firing his machine gun and training all those people... he's not training terrorists, he's training soldiers. Soldiers to guard the heroin trade. When 9/11 happens, and Al Qaeda is pinned for the crime, no one cares at all about the heroin smuggling. Because drug smuggling means nothing to people who have just watched the World Trade Center explode.

Alright, but we're still missing a major point here. How could Al Qaeda smuggle all this heroin out of Afghanistan when the Taliban abolished all poppy farming in 1999? At least the U.S. claims they did. But if the Taliban did this, how did they make 40 million dollars in taxes on opium farmers in 2000? The Taliban only eradicated their crop on paper. In reality, the heroin trade continued. There were ariel photographs, surveillance, satellite imagery, showing the fields being burned, part of the process of growing any crop is eradicating the fields to then re-grow the plants. And it makes no sense for the Taliban to stop the flow of opium. It's the only thing keeping their economy afloat at all. And the Taliban, the Taliban is installed in Afghanistan specifically for the purpose of keeping the heroin flow coming. Because if you have a cartel like Al Qaeda, functioning as a patsy, being blamed for terrorist attacks all over the world, you would need a government not recognized by the United Nations. And that way, you couldn't extradite any of the terrorists, and the heroin trade goes on without missing a beat.

9/11 didn't just hide the opium trade. It gave the United States a free pass to invade Afghanistan and build the oil pipeline they'd been planning for years. It set up a race war. It set up a religious war. It opened the door for the United States to invade anybody it deemed was "harboring terrorists," internationally or domestically. And what did W say? "You're either with us, or you're with the terrorists." And 9/11 instilled in us the basest of all fears. Any time, any day, any place, an airplane, a tall building, the subway, shopping mall, grocery store, local newsstand... chemical, biological, nuclear... it doesn't matter. 9/11 could happen again. And guess what? It will happen again. It's inevitable. This is a lifelong battle. In this corner, you have the United States, the shining example of freedom, peace, and good will. And in the other corner, you have Al Qaeda. Dirty, bearded, hate-mongering terrorists. The whole thing's a setup. It's a show, it's theater. It distracts all of us from what's really going on. The systematic destruction of national sovereignty all across the world. What's easier to believe? That Al Qaeda is a vicious terrorist organization bent on annihilating all freedom and peace in the world? Or it's a cartel, whose sole purpose is to ensure the safety of the heroin trade out of the Middle East?

If I were to tell you that a man habitually does cocaine, frequents strip clubs and escort services... Would you believe he were, A: a drug runner, or B: an Islamic fundamentalist? The man I am referring to is Mohammed Atta. Mohammed Atta was seen doing cocaine several times before 9/11. And what's more, Atta isn't seen doing this all by himself. Often, Rudy Deckers is with him, the guy who runs the flight school. Islamic fundamentalism strictly forbids the ingestion of any unnatural drug, and it firmly teaches that treating women as objects of desire is a sin. So if Mohammed Atta is already committing sins he ain't going to Paradise to see Allah, that's for sure. So why would he then take his own life in a terrorist attack? If you can conclude that Mohammed Atta did not fly one of those planes into the World Trade Center then you must conclude that something else happened on 9/11.

And that begs the question... What really happened on 9/11? War and drugs are the biggest businesses in the world. They are tools to amass the greatest fear and exercise the mightiest control... control over the mind. They wave the flag of war, posing to wield the ultimate power over places afar, using 9/11 as a fucking bargaining chip. Support this war or you're going to get attacked again. Bow down to our unconstitutional security measures, or else the guy sitting next to you, he might blow you up. Allow us to attack our enemies before they attack us otherwise all freedom is lost. It's a protection racket. All the government is, is the mob. And their greatest crime is profiting from acts of war. And everybody's in on it. Defense contractors manufacture weapons for use during war, while supporting and financing political candidates who will go to war. The government that buys weapons from these companies in the event of war. And with war crippling to most economies, nations must then borrow money and go into debt. And all that money goes right up to the top of the food chain... to the banks, which is where it came from in the first place. Only now there's a difference, because the money now has an insane amount of interest attached to it... more than most nations can afford to pay off. And then the cycle repeats itself.

No one ever wonders where the national debt comes from. Who lends countries the billions of dollars it takes to fund a national budget? Is it us? Is it the people? If that's true then the government owes us 7 trillion dollars. It's not us. We didn't give them 7 trillion dollars. There are only 250 billion federal reserve notes in circulation. Where does all this money come from? From banks. From private multinational institutions that conserve immense power behind the scenes. The kind of clout gained from having every person, state, province, and nation in debt to you. By controlling all the money in the world, you can control all the people in the world. And the more war there is, the more money there is. Boeing, Raytheon, Lockheed-Martin, the SAIC, Carlyle Group. The list goes on. Every single one of these companies makes its money off of the misery of others, and to them, it's just 'business as usual'. These companies even arm our enemies before we fight them.

They can even control the people with the threat of war. And when a tragedy strikes, when the nation is in mourning, when we are at our most vulnerable state, what do they tell us to do? Shop. They tell us to spend money. Trying to make a quick buck off of grieving people. That's not capitalism. That's not consumerism, it's not even corporatism. You know what it is? It is corporate fundamentalism. All these people know how to do is bring everything to market. The banks, the corporations, the government... the elite. They use poverty to marginalize the rest of the world. The upper one percent... when they tell us there are minorities, blacks, latinos, asians... the only minority that counts is the upper one percent. The rest of us are just slaves. Slaves to the dollar, slaves to the elite, slaves to their dogma. And dogma is so powerful because as soon as you believe it, you become afraid of its opposite. It's divide and conquer. Divide and conquer.

And they do more than just that. They brainwash us in other ways. Just think back to 9/11. Think back to how confused and helpless we all were. Over and over and over and over, the TV just kept showing the replays. The towers kept falling. A patient suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder will often face a recurring trauma. In this state, scientists have proven, that the human mind is very susceptible to suggestion. These people will believe anything you tell them. We all incurred major trauma on 9/11. They could have told us that UFO's piloted those planes into the twin towers, and on 9/11, we would have believed them. Because we just needed it to stop. We just needed to point the finger at someone, and say they are responsible, and because we needed to know our government could protect us. It's PTSD on a national scale. All the images, the rhetoric, the patriotic American themes... it has all hijacked our minds.

Senator Johnson said in 1917, 'The first casualty when war comes is the truth.'

And what are we going to do about that? We must do something. And if you don't do something about that right now, all of this will be for naught.

* * * * * * *

On July 8, 2004, Kroll was acquired by insurance brokerage giant Marsh McLennan Companies Inc., run by Jeffrey Greenberg, son of AIG CEO and former director of the Council on Foreign Relations, Maurice "Hank" Greenberg. On October 25, 2004 Jeffrey Greenberg resigned as Chairman and CEO of Marsh McLennan Companies, Inc. The board named Michael G. Cherkasky President and CEO of Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc., and Chairman and CEO, Marsh Inc.

Banker and oilman Khalid bin Mahfouz is allegedly under house arrest in Saudi Arabia. His actions regarding the BCCI scandal and its money laundering practices have never been completely unearthed. As of the release of this film, bin Mahfouz claims he has never financed Al Qaeda and refutes former CIA director James Woolsey's contention that he is Osama bin Laden's half brother.

On September 10, 2001, it is reported that Osama bin Laden checked into a hospital in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Rawalpindi is the headquarters of both Pakistani intelligence and the Pakistani military. Presumably, no one has seen bin Laden since.

The 9/11 Commission, chaired by Thomas Kean, released its findings in July of 2004. Although the report indicates that sweeping changes must be made within America's intelligence community, at no point does it mention any relevant connection between the CIA, Al Qaeda, the ISI and Osama bin Laden. To this date, this is the only official public inquiry into the 9/11 attacks.

As of the release of this film, 2,998 people died in the 9/11 attacks. One of those victims is reportedly FBI Agent John O'Neill. However, it should be noted that the body was identified by Kroll employee Jerome Hauer.

The perpetrators of the attacks remain at large.

This film is dedicated to those who seek a just society.

All information in this movie is factual to the filmmaker's knowledge.

"Terrorism is theater"

-Brian Jenkins, Kroll Associates.